//Conflict //Unhealed Wounds //Cultural Change //Tradition//Lack of Resources

These realities bring a sense of dissonance and feeling stuck with no clear way forward.

Living into God’s Forgiveness is the way forward and leads to a journey to spiritual renewal, wholeness, and leadership empowerment.

How We Help

We believe living into God’s "for"-giveness brings life, freedom, spiritual renewal and vitality to individuals & communities.

The Forgiveness Lab

Our core forgiveness workshop that helps you work through the power of forgiveness in your life and in your community.

Tending Wounds of the Soul Forgiveness Lab

Tending the soul wounds of war is a critical dimension of care in any community.

Pastoral Care Forgiveness Labs

Explore the transforming power of forgiveness in multiple dimensions of your ministry of pastoral care.

Forgiveness Preaching Lab

Be renewed in your preaching, engaging familiar scriptures through the life-giving lens of forgiveness.  Explore the rich interface between the biblical texts and the “texts” of your community!

Leadership Coaching

Strengthen your leadership through the lens of Forgiveness with one on one or group leadership coaching for your and / or your staff.

Community of Practice 

Join a community of leaders in an environment of nurture, accompaniment, discernment, and praxis. 

“Scott’s ability to listen to others is awesome.  Gently, quickly, he builds trust.  Retreatants always walk away with  profound insights discovered together.”

Bernadette Rudolph, Cranaleith Spiritual Center

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Discover how living into God’s forgiveness can transform your life and community.

In our chaotic world, life and leadership can be a heavy burden. We are here to help navigate life through the lens of forgiveness.

About Scott Hutchinson

The agape life of Jesus has sung a love song to me for as long as I can remember. I am in my 33rd year as a local church pastor in the United Church of Christ. In addition to the thrill of proclaiming the gospel and the privilege of pastoral care, I love to teach and learn the ways of forgiveness and peace-building.

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