The Nonviolent God and Human Transformation with Anthony Bartlett

November 12, 2019

Episode Summary

Tony Bartlett is a theologian, teacher, and author living in Syracuse, NY.  Among his books are the remarkable Virtually Christian: How Christ Changes Human Meaning and Makes Creation New, and Cross Purposes: The Violent Grammar of Christian Atonement. In recent years he has also published Seven Stories: How to Study and Teach the Nonviolent Bible, and a novel, Pascale’s Wager: Homelands of Heaven. 

Tony and his wife Linda founded a house church and bible study community in Syracuse, Wood Hath Hope, which has flourished over the last two decades.  Out of Wood Hath Hope has grown the Bethany Center for Nonviolent Theology and Spirituality.  Tony was a founding member of Theology and Peace, an organization dedicated to using the tools of Rene Girard’s mimetic theory to uncover gospel wisdom and the nonviolent example of Jesus’ love.

He is full of life and inspiration, and revels in the joy of transformative Christian community.  Tony blogs at



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